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Irssi is an IRC client for Unix-ish platforms. It features a text mode user interface, modularity, multi-server connectivity, tab completion and a lot of automation.

One of the many great features of Irssi is its Perl scripting support. cras (Timo Sirainen), Irssi's author was smart enough to choose Perl as the scripting language instead of some awkward language like Tcl.

Because I like Irssi so much, I created stuff for it. The rest of this page is a list of my Irssi efforts.

Community stuff

Irssi itself

Perl scripts

Irssi and me now

I scripted everything I needed for myself and released them so others can use them too, if they want. The only Irssi scripting I do now is maintenance of the scripts mentioned above, and an IRC bot.